¬†Henrik Mkhitaryan’s scorpion kick against Sunderland was absolutely outrageous.

Goals like that in top-level football do not come along too often, evidenced by the gasping Manchester United fans and all football fans in the world who were in awe of the stunning piece of skill when they got wind of the goal.

And fans weren’t the only ones completely wowed by what the Armenian had produced, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was utterly astonished by his teammate’s wondergoal.

Pogba, who has an eye for scoring ridiculous goals himself, produced an absolutely superb reaction to Mkhitaryan’s goal.

The former Juventus man joined his team’s celebration for the stunning third goal and can be seen shaking his head in disbelief multiple times.

And through a bit of skilled lip-reading, we’re pretty sure he utters the words “fucking hell” to completely sum up our exact thoughts at seeing such an audacious goal scored.

Watch the brilliant clip here:


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